The Institute of Pharmacy established in year 2003 is a leading institute in the western region of the country imparting quality pharmacy education at Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral levels. Institute of Pharmacy – Nirma University has been ranked 5th best Pharmacy Institute among Pharmacy Institutions of the country by Ministry of Human Resource Development, (MHRD), Government of India in its National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in April 2016. Institute of Pharmacy prepares the students to meet the challenges in the area of pharmaceutical manufacturing and research and development. The Institute houses state-of-art instruments like supercritical fluid extraction & chromatogram (SFC, SFE), HPTLC, ELISA, PCR, FT-IR, Gas Chromatography, Fluorescence Spectrometer, Raman Spectrometer, UV-Spectrophotometer, HPLC with PDA detector, MPLC, texture analyzer, automated dissolution apparatus, extruder-spheronizer, multiple diffusion assembly, high pressure homogenizer, electrophoresis units, western blot apparatus, iWorx data acquisition system., software for docking,  Sybyl X, Gold Suit etc. The Institute also has conventional two-storey animal house facility registered by CPCSEA, Government of India with incineration facility. The medicinal plant garden “Nirma Herbal Wealth” covers a total area of 2000 sq. meters with more than 175 genera and more than 500 plants. The institute has Class 10000 facility in Pharmaceutical Microbiology laboratory. The Institute offers B. Pharm, M. Pharm in and Full time and External Ph.D. Programmes in Pharmaceutical Sciences.